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Ancient values ​​and sustainability

The lines with the traditional flavor of Begg & Co. garments draw inspiration from the atmospheres of splendid Scotland. Since 1866, the brand has based its work and aesthetic research on ancient values ​​and realizes its fashion lines using traditional methods: the garments are woven with fine fibers, and with ancient machinery that enhance its prestigious lines. Today, in particular, the use of traditional methods makes Begg & Co a brand in line with modern environmental sensitivity. A careful eye to respect for our planet places the Begg & Co brand at the peak of sustainable production: the conscious choice of those who wear Begg & Co harmonizes their aesthetic sense with the pristine beauties of our planet. Begg & Co's clothing production is the result of a team effort that sees intelligence and manufacturing skills cohesive; a harmonious and unison work that produces high quality textiles, for unique fashion collections with a strong inimitable identity. The specialized technicians of the Begg & Co industries base their commitment on high working standards, supported by a true and unusual passion. From the small Scottish town of Paisley, the meticulous and passionate work of the Begg & Co team has invaded the world, transporting the unmistakable Scottish spirit into global fashion. knows how to choose garments based on unquestionable ethical principles and aesthetic values: Begg & Co garments on sale in the online store represent the conscious choice for a current, impeccable look and timeless elegance.


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