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Classic men's suit is the personification of elegance: time passes, fashions change everyday clothing, but men's suits remain one of the strongest certainties of a male outfit. In fact, elegant men's suits complete the male figure, making it flawless and always rigorously perfect. On important occasions or for business commitments with a formal character, elegant men's suits know how to express the best side of every male personality, making it unique and unrepeatable. If you want an elegant men's suit that can represent an irreplaceable total look, you can, without a shadow of a doubt, direct your attention to men's formal suits: often the men's formal suit can offer a pleasant opportunity even outside a context of recurrence . You can wear a men's formal suit, complete with jacket, trousers, shirt and tie, even for a private elegant evening, for an important business meeting: the less dark colors help to play down a men's formal suit, making it certainly less serious. Among the many possible options, the blue men's suit remains the most classic and always current choice. Casual suitsclassic suits and formal suits: can offer men's suits of the best brands at affordable prices! De Petrillo men's suits, Sartoria Latorre men's suits, Caruso men's suits, The Gigi men's suits, Corneliani Collection men's suits, L.B.M. 1911Traiano Milano men's suits and T-Jacket men's suits. Make your wardrobe eternal, buy an item of clothing in our online store!

suit sartoria latorre ceremony black

€ 1.200,00

€ 840,00

suit boglioli plain wool blue

€ 970,00

€ 679,00

suit sartoria latorre tailored grey

€ 860,00

€ 602,00

suit sartoria latorre brown

€ 840,00

€ 588,00

suit caruso tailored two buttons grey

€ 1.130,00

€ 565,00

suit sartoria latorre tailored solaro blue

€ 795,00

€ 556,00

suit sartoria latorre tailored 100's blue

€ 790,00

€ 553,00

suit corneliani collection two buttons ceremony blue

€ 1.100,00

€ 550,00

suit corneliani collection two buttons ceremony grey

€ 1.100,00

€ 550,00

suit caruso tailored two buttons grey

€ 1.100,00

€ 550,00

suit sartoria latorre fresh wool blue

€ 730,00

€ 511,00

suit sartoria latorre mohair brown

€ 730,00

€ 511,00

suit gaiola tailored two buttons brown

€ 898,00

€ 449,00

suit t-jacket prince of wales grey

€ 460,00

€ 230,00

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